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£150.00 + £5.00pp

Systema Revolution Gearbox

Systema Revoultion gearbox and motor

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Airsoft Systema Revolution Gearbox and Motor


Rear Wired with deans connector. Also includes 3 extra fuses - see pics


Teeth are mangled on the motor but could still work or could be fixed if you know what you're doing. See Pics.

Motor gets power. And turns. However mosfet on the trigger has issues ie motor only turns as if on single shot. Then you have to put it on safe and back on fire but you still only get single shot.

See pics 5 and 6. Broken "stabilizer". This is where the mag release bolt should go through. May not be an issue since normally the gearbox is locked in place as well by a pin that goes through the middle and the rear pin that goes through the lower.

See pics 3 and 4. Two gear "stabilizers" missing. I think this is why the gearbox wont fire and why the motor teeth are mangled.

There may be another "stabilizer" missing. See pics 2 or 3.

Stabilizers might be ball race bushings.

I dont have the skills to fix/open up the gearbox. Therefore I cant guarantee internals havent been changed.

It could be as simple as - open up the gearbox, replace the gears and you have a Systema Revolution gearbox.

Brand new these are £350-£400.

Buyer can collect. Open to swaps.

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