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£275.00 + £25.00pp


ARES MSR-WR - Spy Sniper rifle


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Item Description

Bought for the pure fun of it, and this rifle is genuinely REALLY fun. It is accurate, comfortable and very much a talking piece. Although a great rifle, it is only being left in the cupboard. Been well oiled and maintained.

The Scope comes with this rifle, has a quick release catch to fit in with the secret spy / assassin vibe.

Sales Spec:-

ARES MSR-WR is the unique Ares sniper rifle. It is completely made on CNC machines. The finishing is of high quality. Full metal construction give to gun weight almost 4kg. High level of processing and unrivaled uniqueness is also the reason for the higher price of the weapon.


Metal body made of machined aluminum alloy CNC 6063, small parts are steel. Plastic is a ergonomic M4-style grip with texture. Safety lever and magazine release is easily reached by one finger. The upper standardized RIS rail is part of the upper body. This is not a screwed rail. The whole body is absolutely solid, nothing moves. Perfectly matched. The pulling of the bolt is naturally smooth with a short stroke of about 5cm. Bolt handle can be screwed to the left side for the left-handed players.


The stock is lightweight and sliding with four positions. The guide bars slide smoothly along the body of the gun. Even the raised stock does not wobble. It is not surprising that even the stock is completely metallic, the pad is, of course, rubber with a texture against smearing from the shoulder. At the bottom of the stock there is a short RIS rail for mounting the stock support monopod.


This rifle is also characteristic of the massive barrel without the fore-end. The barrel is of course full metal, made on CNC machines. Part of is also an adjustable Hop-Up chamber. (Align with screw and no weapon disassembly needed) The whole barrel is attached directly to the body and secures the nut over a few seconds.


Magazine capacity is 40 BBs and case is metal. It has M4 style, but it is different. Bipod is full metal, foldable and fully adjustable. The legs are rubber ends for greater stability.


The internal piston and spring guide are the same as the Ares Amoeba Striker. The spring is the same as for electric guns. The inner barrel and rubber bucking is a VSR system.


Another big one from our favourite affordable optical sight manufacturer, Theta Optics! The 5-20x50mm AOE Scope is ideally suited for sniping and long range spotting. Its massive 50mm objective lens provides excellent image sharpness and a very wide field of view and the reticle illumination function ensures the Mil-Dot crosshair is easy to see in any ambient light level.

The 5-20x50 AOE riflescope features adjustable magnification, focus, illumination colour and brightness, as one would expect for a serious optical sight. Supplied with 25mm Scope mounts for 20mm Picatinny rails and a CR2032 battery, this scope comes with everything you need, bar the gun, to start sending people back to respawn from half the site away!

The objective lens of the scope is an enviable 50mm in diameter, allowing plenty of light in and providing an extremely large field of view, ensuring you can see as much as possible around the target you have set your sights on. The 5-20x50 AOE scope comes with a large 75mm sunshade included, allowing you to prevent bright sunlight from affecting the functionality of the scope, and to give some level of protection from glare on the lens giving away your location.

The scope is adjustable for focus using the grooved outer ring surrounding the objective lens, allowing higher levels of magnification to be used up close without the image becoming blurred. The tube of the scope is 25mm/1-inch in diameter which allows dual scope rings of the same diameter to be used, though the scope includes basic scope mount rings so you are ready to go out of the box. The adjustment turrets are present on the top and right side of the scope, with the top turret controlling elevation adjustment and the right side turret controlling windage. The turrets do not require tools to adjust and can be quickly changed and set on the fly, granting the user greater flexibility to adapt to changing wind conditions. To adjust the turrets and zero the scope, all you need to do is pull the turret you are adjusting out slightly, which will allow the settings to be changed. Once you have completed your adjustment, pop the turret back into position to lock the settings in. This turret design prevents the user from accidentally messing with the zero with an inadvertent bump or knock.

The illumination adjustment turret is found on the left side of the scope, and allows 3 levels of brightness adjustment and selection between a red, green or blue illuminated reticle. The battery for the illumination function is installed inside this turret, and can be accessed by unthreading the battery cap and inserting a single CR2032 3V button cell (included). The magnification adjustment ring can be found at the end of the scope tube and can be rotated around to select between x and 20x magnification. Helpfully, the ring has serrations machined in to ensure you get a good grip whilst adjusting. At the rear, we find the "eye-lens", which is surrounded by the focus adjustment dial. This dial is used to adjust the scope's focus depending on the eye of the shooter and the range of the objective.

The 5-20x50 AOE scope also comes supplied with a lens protector, which prevents the eye lens and objective lens from being scratched. This is a one-piece design made from rubber and can be used with or without the included sunshade installed.

Aluminium construction
5-20x magnification
Nitrogen filled tube
Tool-less adjustment
Mil-dot crosshair
Focus adjustable
Rubber lens cover
Includes 75mm sunshade
Adjustable reticle illumination
Red, Green or Blue reticles
Includes 1x CR2032 Button cell
50mm objective lens - Extra-wide field of view
Includes Scope rings for Picatinny rails
Package Includes
Theta Optics 5-20x50 AOE Scope
Rubber lens Cover
50x75mm sunshade
25mm Scope rings for Picatinny rail
1x CR2032 3V button cell


Not only the appearance of the weapon is unique, but also the package in which it is delivered. The entire weapon is spread over 5 parts and they are stored in a luxury suitcase with cut-outs exactly for each component. The case has a compact size of approx. 45 x 33 x 17cm and the packed weapon weighs 6kg! Assembly of the gun is a clear joy and you will definitely enjoy building and disassembling. This is not a kids gun. This is a rifle for real weapon fans.

  • Category: Sniper Rifles
  • Location: Hertfordshire CC
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 400*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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