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G293A MKVI Webley Revolver

G293A MKVI Webley Revolver


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Item Description

The Webley features a Top Break Open design, combined with a unique Self Extracting mechanism, which removes the need for users to manually remove spent shells. To do so simply press the Release Lever and push the barrel down; doing so automatically trips the Extractor, causing any shells in the cylinder to raise up, for easy removal. Just like the real MK VI this trigger on this replica can be used in both Single Action and Double Action modes. The CO2 Capsule powering the revolver is housed in the Grip, access is achieved by removing the Left Plastic face of the Grip, and unscrewing the Lanyard Loop. This replica accurately captures the overall looks and essence of the real MK VI; from the squared shape of the barrel, down to the Bullet and Case silhouettes on marked on the cylinder and accurate ammunition capacity. This Webley is a brilliant purchase, regardless of whether you need an affordable replica MK VI for re-enacting, or simply want a unique and iconic revolver for Skirmishing with.


33.8cm length
Alloy body
Polymer grips
Accurate Replica of the real Revolver
Squared Off “target” Style Grips of Real MK VI
Authentic Top Break Open action
Shell Self Extraction Ejection
Fixed Front and Rear Sights
Double/Single Action Trigger
Lanyard Loop
CO2 Bulb Stored in the Hand Grip
Package Includes:

G29A MKVI Webley 6mm Co2 Revolver
6 x Shells

  • Category: Pistols
  • Location: Hertfordshire CC
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 300*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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