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ASG Schofield 6" Revolver

Schofield 6" Revolver in Custom Display Box


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Hertfordshire CC
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Item Description

Schofield 6" Revolver
6 x Schofield Revolver Shells
Custom Made Weathered Display box and Reducing Shells


This incredible piece of history is an Alloy constructed Revolver that is fed by individual mock shells, and powered by a CO2 bulb in the grip. In the real world this was the world's first Cartridge Firing Revolver in Military Service, after a design update from Major George W. Schofield that made the S&W Model 3 become the 'Schofield Revolver'. The modification contract was handed over in a bid to get the Revolver to accept the .45 Long Colt cartridge already in use by the US Military; however in a show of pure machismo Smith & Wesson instead developed a shorter cartridge which only worked in the Schofield Revolver and not the other service weapon of the time. History is funny.

This Airsoft replica of the Schofield is made of seriously tough materials that is a cut above the standard finish you would expect on a replica. Forget everything you know about the Dan Wesson series, this Revolver redefines external quality. The faux wood grip is so convincing that it took a lot of prodding and poking to realise that it was in fact Polymer. It is a break-action top-loading design just like the real thing, and is reminiscent of the Webley Service Revolver, lifting the rounds to make them easier to extract, or extracting them by opening the chamber fast enough.

To use the Revolver you simply need to install a CO2 bulb in the grip, which is made easier by the fixed Allen Key on the underside of the Pistol Grip Cover. Each mock Revolver Shell needs a pushing inserting into the front; they click into place and hold firmly once inserted. With the bulb installed and your shells filled, simply insert the shells into the Revolver, close the action and off you go! It is a Single Action Trigger, in keeping with the original design, which means that you must cock the hammer for each shot. A handy little thumb safety sits behind the hammer to lock the hammer and trigger; which when you realise that the muzzle velocity of this replica is in the region of 480FPS on a 0.2g BB, you'll be glad for it!


Highly realistic construction
High powered Revolver
Single Action trigger
Hammer-lock safety
Alloy external construction
Polymer faux Wood grips
Fed by 'Schofield' Revolver shells
6 x shells included
Accepts 12g CO2 sparklet
Functional shell extractor
'1877' engraving
Unique serial numbers
Weathered effect
Package Includes:

Schofield 6" Revolver
6 x Schofield Revolver Shells

  • Category: Pistols
  • Location: Hertfordshire CC
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 485*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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