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TM g17 salient arms slide

Tm G17 with 4 mags, aw drum mag and extras

£450.00 + £16.00 P&P
  • Date Posted: 13/04/2019
  • Posted By: Reevesy
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  • Location: South East
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 320*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufactoring changes can all affect the FPS.

Item Description

I am selling my tm g17 with salient arms traded slide.
.Guarder trigger group, housing and trigger bar
.Guarder hop chamber with 6.01,maple leaf autobot 60 degree and hop key
.guarder steel recoil rod and spring
Original tm bbu with Poseidon abit freeze piston head (not in the pistol)
WE bbu with standard nozzle
Guarder steel threaded barrel
Cool flat trigger( unsure of make but it’s cool)
.4x gas tight mags( 2 tm with o rings in the fill valves to stop spray, 1 we metal and 1 we plastic
.Glock kriss carbine kit
Stock( doesn’t fit with the drum mag 🙁 )
Guarder slide
Magazine extender things( just looks cool really)
Weapon light( batteries not included
I should have a standard barrel coming soon aswell

I have done some stippling work on the lower reciever which took away alot of the shine and feels a lot better with a bit more grip, I am not sure if the lower reciever is guarder or tm but all the guts are guarder.

Atm I have a we bbu from my we g17 as the tm nozzle died. I changed it over on the field as I didn’t have a spare tm nozzle. Included is the Poseidon piston head which is sized for the tm nozzles all you need to do is get your hands on a tm nozzle, other wise works perfect with the we nozzle and bbu. I do have quite a few spare nine ball gas routers. These work as normal with the we nozzle dispute the difference in shape where the nozzle meets with gas router( I will be able to show a video firing over whatsapp). I also have the anti icer nozzle valve included.
The tm nozzle is available on eagle 6 for £24.98(

A bad point is that on the salient slide( the same as the guarder) a little piece has broken off which I assume was where the barrel had tapped it. It doesn’t affect the performance of the pistol and you can’t see it with everything inside. Other than that it is good

Also included is the armourer works drum mag which is amazing in cold conditions Due to the huge gas capacity of the mag, I recommend checking these out on YouTube. I would only use green gas with this anything stronger would be like c02.

My plan was to use this as my primary, hence the carbine kit and stock, however I have found a compact aeg that I want( the lct sr3m) and I am using this to fund for that. The kriss kit works really well with the stock creating a very stable platform but the stock doesn’t fit with the drum mag. Would be great for use with 50rnd mags. I have made a very cowbow builders scope mount which could do with some paint but works quite well actually, would be best to use a lightweight optic like a t1. The range on this is really good for a pistol was easily over hoping 0 3’s and hitting 60 m targets but can go further due to the hop and barrel set up.
On black gas( which I don’t recommend using in the drum mag) it was shooting 347-350. Green gas was around 320.

The sticker on the Kriss kit is from imperium which just shows they have put the gun through a chrono. Looks kinda cool with the tan lol but can be removed.

I am looking for £450 plus postage, there is quite alot here for that money the drum mag on its own was £130. I am open to offers and swaps 🙂 any questions or pictures please ask
SR4034 is my name on other forums.

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