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£73.00 + £5.00pp

Xcortech X3300W Tracer/PEQ

Tracer Unit/Chrono/Fire Control


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Item Description

Xcortech X3300W, black, in excellent condition; no marks/scratches/damage etc. I have used the tracer unit 3 times, I have never used the PEQ unit or Mosfet. I foolishly left some batteries in the PEQ box, that has sadly caused the expected pitting on the terminals when they leaked - but this does not affect the functioning of the unit (see pic with display illuminated).

Has 4 functions:
Airsoft Tracer
Fire Control (round counter etc) - optional
Mosfet (optional)

Has 3 components:

Xcortech X3300W-Mk2 Tracer unit - needs 4xAAA (not supplied);
Xcortech X3300W-V2-RZR PEQ/Controller Unit (Black) - needs 2xAA (not supplied);
Xcortech X3300W-V2-RZR ScU (Shot Controller Unit).

Can be used with:
the Tracer Unit only; or
the Tracer Unit in conjunction with the matched (WiFi) PEQ Controller to chrono and to count rounds fired etc; and with or wirhout.....
the standalone Mosfet - never used it, but it's a basic Mosfet with battery warning, setting of burst mode etc.

[First 2 will work with AEG or gas RIFs - the Mosfet will obviously only work with AEGs!]

Supplied with instructions. Price new is £99; the Tracer unit alone sells for around £60. Selling for £73. Postage includes insurance. Collection welcome from SE26 6EG (Crystal Palace/London).

  • Category: Gun Accessories
  • Location: Bromley
  • Condition: Used

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