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£1,234.00 + £3.50pp

CZ Evo bits

CZ Evo bits


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Item Description

1) *** SOLD *** Used: Any use to anyone? I had a used Evo that was working fine until the Mosfet died. Decided to get the internals fully upgraded (JD Airsoft) and these are old internals that they took out. Apart from the Mosfet, the RIF was working fine so all of these bits should be ok. Original used Evo parts are:
Trigger, spring guide (x2), Hop-up, Basic Ultimate motor, 9” SMG inner barrel, cylinder head and piston, gears, various washers/shims ((plus the dodgy Mosfet!). Ignore the boxes in the pics, they are from the upgrade parts. £20 plus postage. *** SOLD ***

2) New: Scorpion Skinz for CZ Evo Carbine/BET (ie not SMG!) in Everglade AU (a fuzzy subdued MTP!). Retail @ £15, selling for £12 plus postage.
Postage @ £3.50 for 1 or 2 items.

  • Category: Gun Accessories
  • Location: Bromley
  • Condition: Used

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