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£75.00 + £10.00pp

Putting together job

Item needs put together loads of extra part

tez gee

East Merseyside
Joined: 1 year ago

Item Description

The gearbox when I swapped for a other gun was Miss feeding so I took it apart thinking it would be easy fix couldn’t get it sorted so I bought a full lower reciver with gearbox and motor for £50 of eBay the gearbox was stiff so took that apart an just can’t sort that I’m not a tech all need is putting together oh an the positive wire need re soldering back on there 1 full gearbox then a shell an all parts for the other gearbox to good for parts loads of extra parts included also a armalite m15 just need a wire swap around cuz when putting it back together I put the wrong wire were it shouldn’t be it like new

  • Category: Assault Rifles
  • Location: East Merseyside
  • Condition: Spares & Repairs
  • FPS: 350*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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