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£35.00 + £0.00pp

(Boneyard) M50

Unknown brand, reassembled springer

Harry Fox

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This is a gun I got in a leaving bundle that I didn't particularly think would work. It came completely disassembled, was very dirty and had some screws missing. I have reassembled it, given a good, *thorough* clean with isopropanol on a microfibre cloth and replaced the missing screws.

The spring sounds like it's a 100 year old seal trying to eat something so that needs replacing. That said, it did fire for the few shots I managed to get out of it (see below). Unfortunately they weren't through a chronograph so the FPS is a wild guess. It's missing an end cap to hold the barrel steady. I suppose a silencer would work as well if you have one.

The biggest problem is that it won't lock the bolt when pulled. It springs forward. This *may* be just be the deceased spring but to be honest, I put it together and I don't want to take it apart again to diagnose it. God knows if I might make it worse. The stock is polymer, the barrel and assembly is metal.
A 20+ round magazine is included. A complimentary weathered Maruzen bolt housing is also included if I can find it.

World's best Toys'R'Us assault rifle is not for sale. Though if you offer a triple figure sum for it's pure magnificence then I'll consider it. It shoots an inconsistent 65 FPS at 5 RPS and is made out of something worse than that Chinese LEGO plastic we all know and love. Powered by 8 (yes, eight) AA batteries

Collection is much preferred but if you really want postage I'll take the barrel off the stock to package it up.

Open to offers. I'll also be putting up some other kit for sale tomorrow should you want to incorporate that into an offer - if, indeed, you want any of it

  • Category: Sniper Rifles
  • Location: Oxfordshire
  • Condition: Spares & Repairs
  • FPS: 400*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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