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£270.00 + £30.00pp

Barret 50. Cal

Super rare barret 50.


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Hackney and Newham
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Item Description

( 07599129298 )Hi there selling my super rare snow wolf full metal Barrett 50. Cal. You cannot find these spring metal versions on the market. They are long gone. Have it wrapped with some sort of CAMO, easily removable if anyone wants to upgrade. I think I added a m170 spring. Was going to upgrade it to m190 or m220, will buy one and chuck it in if you want. Nothing special, quiet a hard design for a gun so would’ve added a tight bore 6.01mm barrel. I done it for my other guns but it’s very complicated how to do it. The build is absolute, literally nothing can break as the metal which holds the spring it just a block of pure metal. Steel bipod, the wrapping has come of a bit so edges will not be the greatest. Overall very nice. 6-24times50 scope. Metal barrel, was going to wrap but didn’t want to. Can add the wrapping paper to it if you want to try it. Otherwise extremely sturdy will not break. Can be converted to CO2 or add a gearbox on what I heard. Can add a right bore barrel and other upgrades but don’t know how to install it, as it’s very complicated. Piston is quickly installed back and forth, along with a solid sturdy trigger box. Any questions or buying 07599129298. Thanks

DISCLAIMER. To install this, I will send you a video as there is a specific way on how to twist the barrel and fit it into the gun.

Looking for £300 collected
£330 posted tracked

  • Category: Sniper Rifles
  • Location: Hackney and Newham
  • Condition: New
  • FPS: 550*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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