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Evo Scorpion 3 A1 2020 Battle

In good condition


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Greater Manchester South West
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Item Description

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2020 revision in Battle Grey colour.

Come with 2 x 11.1v lipo, 2 mid cap and 1 hi cap magazines

One of the best AEG for CBQ battles.

5 / 5 2 reviews
3 Round Burst Mode
2020 Revision Edition
High density polymer construction
The ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 is designed from the official specs of the real steel CZ Scorpion Evo Carbine created by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, then built from the ground up for Airsoft By ActionSportsGames in Denmark.

This edition of the Scorpion EVO is the 2020 revision of the original EVO featuring upgraded, rebuilt and more streamlined parts for better operation and more compatibility with aftermarket extras for those who like to upgrade. If you have a military-style EVO build planned, this is the version you need to spoof the EVOs issued to Canadian, Ukrainian and Czech soldiers

The real steel Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has developed a massive following on the US Civilian tactical scene thanks to its combination of low cost and superb quality, riding the wave of the pistol calibre carbine trend which took the US by storm and resulted in many of the AR-9 platforms we all know and love today. The Scorpion EVO was originally designed for Law Enforcement and Military use as a Submachine Gun, and it currently serves with the Czech, Ukrainian and Canadian armed forces in both battlefield roles and law enforcement applications.

The ASG Scorpion EVO is one of the most realistic electric Airsoft replicas available, boasting a uniquely designed gearbox with a “bolt stop” function, meaning when the magazine runs dry the SMG stops firing, requiring a swift reload and hitting the bolt release exactly like the real thing to get shooting again. The polymers used on ASG’s EVO are the same stuff the real thing is made from and are rock solid with a flat finish with a slight texture, indicative of fibre reinforcement.

Starting at the front of the AEG we can find our Scorpion EVO birdcage style flash hider, matching the real EVO perfectly. This flash hider is constructed from aluminium with a satin gunmetal finish, and adds some nice visual interest to the EVO to give it a more realistic look. Beneath the flash hider is the barrel collar which holds the handguard on, and 18mm CCW male threading at the tip of the aluminium outer barrel. Obviously, everyone wants a tracer unit on their EVO for CQB domination, and this is easily done using the ASG Scorpion EVO Thread Adapter.

The handguard is constructed from the same fantastic polymers used on the real CZ Scorpion EVO and is equipped with 20mm Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions, providing a mounting point any 20mm Picatinny accessories you wish to add, including tactical flashlights, foregrips and other fancy do-dads. The upper 20mm Picatinny rail mates seamlessly with the receiver rail to allow optical sights of practically any length to be mounted, including red dot sight and magnifier combos, meaning even though the Scorpion EVO is a super compact platform you still have plenty of space to mount your mission essentials. The charging handle can be swapped to mount on either side, but is mounted on the left side as the EVO comes from the factory. Swapping the handle over is a simple affair, only requiring that the handguard is removed and the handle and its spring be swapped into the channel on the right side of the handguard.

To access the battery compartment of the Scorpion EVO you will need to unscrew the flash hider and the barrel collar beneath, after which you can remove the handguard to access the battery compartment. The compartment is located inside the upper receiver and can fit a 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo stick battery with a Deans connector. The battery can be a bit of a fiddle to install but allows the EVO to keep its compact side folding stock setup and realistic shape and size.

The receiver proudly displays its brand pedigree on the left side, with embossed trademarks reading “CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1” which matches the real EVO perfectly. The controls of the EVO are all ambidextrous, with the magazine release taking the form of a paddle which is accessible with the trigger finger for both left and right-handed shooters and has a textured surface to make it easier to actuate during wet conditions. The bolt release catch is positioned on the left side and is also well within reach of the trigger finger, allowing for a fast reload despite the added complexity of this realistic operating method.

The magazine well of the Scorpion EVO includes a slight flare on either side to help guide your magazine into the gun, minimising precise movements you need to carry out in the heat of battle and preventing a fumbled reload at a critical moment. The magazine catch is ambidextrous, with paddle style releases on either side, well within reach of the trigger finger. The benefit of the EVO's low profile paddle style mag release is that it is far more conformal to the shape of the weapon itself than other paddles found on AK and AR36 rifles which reduces the chances of snagging on equipment and causing the magazine to be dropped inadvertently.

The fire selector has 4 positions with each mode indicated using a colour-coded dot pictogram. The modes available are safe, semi-automatic, 3-round burst and fully automatic, just like the real thing. The inclusion of the burst mode is one of the many things which makes the EVO stand out, as very few AEGs have a 4-position selector and burst mode without giving up full automatic in exchange.

The EVO’s grip is an ergonomic design with linear texture on the front and rear to keep the SMG firmly in your hand during energetic sprints, and also has a palm rest at the bottom for added security. On either side, you will see a CZ logo roundel as you would find on the real Scorpion EVO. The grip is a slightly steeper angle than the average M4/AR15 grip but is very comfortable in combination with the EVO’s side folding retractable stock.

The stock folding button is located on the left side, in the same spot as it is on similar folding stocked platforms such as the AR36 and folding stocked AK variants. The EVO stock folds to the right side and locks in place firmly, leaving you with a solid package with no wobble whatsoever, no matter how you choose to run the EVO in game. The stock is also adjustable for length of pull using the low profile adjustment lever at the toe of the stock and can be set up in one of any of the 5 positions of adjustment. This makes the EVO stock a step up from AR36 and AK folding stocks, allowing you to adjust the length to suit your loadout and body type.

From a performance standpoint, we all should know by now, this is one of the best out of the box AEGs on the planet, and is still holding its own years after the first model was released with the latest versions boasting compatibility with Version 2 & 3 gearsets so if you want even more from your EVO it can take upgrades when needed. The inner barrel is a tightbore 6.03mm example, giving you awesome accuracy potential and slightly raised FPS which allows for higher power with reduced stress on the gearbox internals. The EVO also has ASG’s MOSFET pre-wired which will ensure the gearbox completes a full cycle with each trigger pull to prolong the life of the internals, and will automatically shut off if the voltage of your battery gets low enough to risk discharging it which is great for modern LiPo batteries. If you want a few more details on how this generation of EVO differs from previous models, check the Special Instructions section below.

So, if you demand a perfect hybrid of realism and performance with advanced features such as bolt stop and 3-round burst mode, the ASG Scorpion EVO would be the perfect thing. With a fantastic reputation for quality and performance married with an ultra slick modern design built from the same materials as the real thing, you cannot ask for much better straight out of the box than the ASG EVO!

Full metal construction - Mostly high density polymer, just like the real thing
18mm Threaded barrel - 14mm CCW male thread adapter available
Quick spring change design - Easy power tuning
MOSFET pre-installed - Active braking, low voltage cutoff
Electronic trigger - Super snappy trigger response
Side folding stock - Stores in more compact gun bags, great for CQB
Monolithic top 20mm Picatinny rail - Ready for red dot sights or scopes
20mm Picatinny railed handguard - Rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions
Front wired to Deans battery connector - Battery storage inside upper receiver/handguard
Four position fire selector - SAFE - SEMI - 3RND BURST - FULL AUTO
Functional bolt stop - AEG will detect when the mag is empty and stop firing, press bolt catch to fire again
Multi-position stock - 5 Adjustment positions, suitable for any body type or loadout
Functional charging handle - Pull back to lock the bolt for HOP-up adjustment
CNC machined outer barrel - Very high-quality finish
CNC machined Gearbox shell - Smooth and precise finish for lower friction
Heavy gauge low resistance wiring - Great electrical efficiency
Low profile paddle magazine release - Reduced snagging
Assembled in Denmark by ASG's EVO tech team
Ambidextrous fire selector & magazine release
Reversible charging handle - Easy HOP-up access for left or right-handed shooters
Reversible front sling mount - Remove the handguard and switch to the right if you desire
Constructed from the same high-strength mil-spec polymer as the real steel weapon
New 2020 Edition gearbox - Compatible with V2/V3 gearsets
Adjustable Hop-Up unit for increased Range and Accuracy - Behind the mock bolt
6.03mm 407mm Tightbore Barrel - Great accuracy potential
Integrated Mock Suppressor with Inner Barrel feeding through
Supports all of the Evo Attachments Range
Package Includes
ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2020 Revision
75rnd Mid-cap Magazine
Iron sights
User Manual
Special Instructions
EVO 2020 Revision Features
Performance Upgrades
Parts have been tweaked and tolerances improved to allow the replica to perform better.

Deans Battery Connector Upgrade
The mini-Tamiya connector has been replaced with a higher quality Deans connector, for a better and more secure connection.

EVO 2018 Revision Features
Revised Gearbox Design
A re-imagined gearbox based upon the original design, but with plenty of new features designed to make the gearbox more reliable.

New gearbox manufacturing process
The gearbox is now cast from metal with a CNC finish process for a precision finish for maximum performance.

CNC machined gearbox selector plate guides
Because of the use of the CNC finishing process the guides are smoother for better movement of the selector plate.

New Zinc-based alloy gearbox
The gearbox are now made from stronger Zinc instead of Aluminium alloy, making them stronger and more durable.

Heavier gearbox design
The increased weight of the gearbox results in a more realistic weight and a better / deeper muzzle report.

Simplified Gearbox Casting
The gearbox casting process has been simplified to help protect against gearbox cracking by reducing imperfections.

Increased gearbox bracing
More contact surface points have been added to the gearbox to increase it's structural stability, making the rifle more rigid and robust.

Improved Cable Routing
Redesigned to reduce wear and tear by allowing the wires to flow better, making it easier to replace wiring should it be needed.

Gears repositioned
The gears have been moved slightly closer together to improve contact and meshing between the individual gears.

Sector gear position adjusted
The sector gear now sits closer to the piston to improve its lifespan and reduce wear and tear.

Revised Piston design
The gearbox features ASG latest piston design which now features six metal teeth, with the second tooth removed for smoother engagements.

Revised steel cylinder
The weapon now includes a revised steel cylinder to improve the overall performance with a better air seal.

Cupped / Flanged Piston Head
ASG's latest piston head is included to improve performance and is cushioned to reduce impact on the gearbox.

2020 Revision Notes

This version of the Evo features slight tolerance changes to improve performance, as well as replacing the mini-tamiya battery connector with a higher quality deans connector

Pick up in Manchester area. Gun can be shown working prior purchase

I can also post at cost.

  • Category: Assault Rifles
  • Location: Greater Manchester South West
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 300*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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