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£170.00 + £5.00pp

Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender

Two-tone, 350FPS (0.2G BBs), Full Polymer


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Item Description

Had this Automatic Electric Rifle (AEG) since the start of summer and have only used it a couple of times for back-garden target practice. No wear-and-tear in the slightest apart from a couple of tiny scratches inside the stock but completely unnoticeable. Selling due to the fact I have no motivation to play airsoft due to the prices of games as well as the temperature, which is something I should've researched beforehand haha.
In my experience test-firing this rifle, it has an amazing feel to it with BB jams being a very rare event. Is it capable of firing BBs consistently at an extremely high rate of fire, without using much of it's battery. Battery lasts around 3-4 hours depending on usage, so is perfect for events or backyard scrims.

The only damage to this product is the box, which I admittedly ripped open in my excitement when it originally came. Everything else is completely intact, with no visible marks, cuts, scrapes, snaps or other damage to it apart from the stock as previously mentioned. Gun has not been modified in the slightest, and the only thing that has been slightly altered is the hop up, which can easily be changed again by moving the cog on the motor.

1x 8.4V-1600mAh Bulldog Ni-MH High Power Airsoft Battery Pack
2x High-capacity magazines (1x Standard Nuprol Mag, 1x Bulldog Airsoft Mag)
1x Smart charger
1x Instruction Manual

Description provided by Nuprol:
The main external feature of this Rifle is the Quad Rail Handguard / Rail System giving you loads of real estate for grips, torches and lasers the rail also features a bridge riser over the delta ring this add extra rail and also a 1/2" riser make it much easier to aim down the sights with full or lower face protection on. The rails on this replica are 20mm RIS / RAS, the most common type in Airsoft, with hundreds of aftermarket parts and accessories all attachable allowing for a huge choice of attachments and styles.

The flash hider is also removable which reveals a 14mm counter clockwise (CCW) threaded outer barrel, allowing the attachment of Airsoft Silencers, Suppressors and Tracer Units. Take your gun to the next level by giving it a new look, or stick a tracer unit on and launch glowing BBs at your targets.

The Stock of the gun is fully adjustable, and also doubles up as the battery storage compartment. The stock can be adjusted up to 6 positions allowing you to adjust the gun to the perfect size for a range of heights, and locks securely in place once adjusted. The rear rubber butt plate not only prevents slippage when using the gun, but also covers the hidden battery compartment within the stock. Once the butt plate is removed the battery storage compartment is revealed, with plenty of space down two side channels allowing the use of 9.6v NiMh battery, or upgraded 7.4v LiPo battery for more advanced players.

Using polymer on the external build mean there has been no compromise on the inner components, the Pioneer has the same internal components as its higher end counterparts like the freedom fighter and the AK21 these are the reinforced V2 gearbox, quick change spring, full steel tooth piston, micro switch trigger high torque flat motor and even a 6.03 tight bore barrel.

The gun features an adjustable Hop Up unit which is designed to add backspin to the BB before it travels down the barrel. The spin creates an air cushion around the BB in order to create a more stable and accurate flight path, allowing you to shooting more accurately at long ranges. The hop is adjustable allowing you to use a wide range of BB weights and types.

This RIF is perfect for beginner players just starting the sport who want top level internals in a low cost Airsoft gun. With plenty of space for external upgrades and modifications you can take this Airsoft gun to the next level with relative ease.

Great Entry Level RIF, perfect for beginners
Solid Feel and Construction
Metal 14mm CCW Flash Hider
Quick change spring gearbox
Full lightweight polymer receiver
LiPo Airsoft Battery Ready
Quad Front 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for attaching aftermarket parts and attachments
Bottom rail could be used for grips, bipods, launchers and more
Side rails could be used for torches, lasers, and more
1/2" Riser for red dots and to secure the rail
Folding Front and Rear Iron Sights
Removable rear 20mm RIS / RAS Ironsight
6 Position Collapsing Crane Stock
Battery storage compartment hidden in the stock
Rubberised butt plate
Ergonomic finger ridged Pistol Grip for extra grip and hold
Flat low profile trigger guard
Metal Ambidextrous sling plate for single point sling setups
370rnd High Capacity wheel wound Magazine
Bayonet lug for attaching rubber bayonets
Micro-switch trigger for extended trigger life and better trigger response
Adjustable hop-up unit for range and accuracy
Mock charging handle to reveal the hop-up unit
6.03mm Inner Barrel for range and accuracy
10" carbine length outer barrel
Full Steel Tooth Piston for performance and durability
Reinforced V2 Gearbox
High Torque Flat Motor
Metal Reinforced Selector Plate
Full metal buffer tube

  • Category: Assault Rifles
  • Location: Wiltshire
  • Condition: New
  • FPS: 350*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufacturing changes can all affect the FPS.

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