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L85 Modified

Army Armament L85/R85

£150.00 + £0.00 P&P
  • Date Posted: 29/09/2019
  • Posted By: McClymont707
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  • Location: Scotland
  • Condition: Used
  • FPS: 330*
    * All FPS figures are approximate as temperature, gas, manufactoring changes can all affect the FPS.

Item Description

Selling an Army Armament R85/L85. Purchased this ex two tone as a project as I know the potential of the R85 having worked previously on a G&G L85(R85 is a copy of G&G). I have removed the original wiring and problematic active braking system and replaced it with with far better low resistance wire, a Gate AAB Mosfet , High Torque motor and a 11.1v LIPO battery. This sorts the jamming issue with this type of rifle and now it is snappy and reliable which is far better than modifying the piston.

I have currently disabled the blow back mechanism as I did not trust it even on the G&G version and would suggest leaving it without it. However all parts are bagged and in the box if you wish to reinstall(remove one bolt from top part of gearbox, insert blowback rail and reinsert bolt).

The slim LIPO battery is stored in the forward grip and can be charged using the extension cable supplied without having to take apart the rifle.

I have misplaced the handle with built in iron sights which is why I am including the 2.5-10x40 scope which itself is a brilliant scope and a riser rail that fits perfectly.

The original HI-CAP Mag door was jammed open so I have included an older HI-CAP Mag that works perfectly.

Selling for £150 including delivery.

No time wasting. I will not hold the rifle till the next payday! I have done this twice for two different people knocking back other interested people and both times they cancelled on the day.

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