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£270.00 + £10.00pp

Tippmann M4 V2 HPA Rifle

M90 paintjob, 2 mags, works great.


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Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham
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Item Description

Bought this from Actionhobbies as is. Only been used by myself once in the first 40 minute round at my local site the other week and it ran totally fine. Wasn't an absolute lazer or anything but it put the GBBR's I've used to shame on full auto.

Does not come with a tank, or line or anything - I impulse bought an HPA adapter for my AAP-01 drum mag so I'm still using those.
Never been one for M4's sadly.
You'll need your own tank and such.

Paintjob (not my choice lol) is solid but has some scuffs where you'd expect. Has a matte finish to it.
Lettering on trademarks etc. glows in the dark.

In addition to the tightbore barrel (original is also included in the box) Apparently its had a dwell mod professionaly done to it but I have absolutely no idea what that means. Apparently thats a good thing? This was baby's first HPA here lel.

Comes with 2 midcaps - one specna arms and one i think is Tippmann.

Also included is the barrel wrench, extra inner barrel the conversion stuff to use CO2 mags (co2 mag not included - just the adapter) and a few hex keys etc.

Postage is £10. Collection is welcome.

  • Category: Assault Rifles
  • Location: Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham
  • Condition: Used

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